laser cut 1920x938(1)
laser weld 1920x938
lx8025p china best high power metal
lx62x new three chuck
lx3015pa automation device fiber
laser metal cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
lx8025p china best high power metal
lx3015pa automation device fiber
lx62x new three chuck


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Jinan LXSHOW LASER, is established in July 2004, owns more than 500 square meters of researching and office space, more than 32000 square meters factory.
After 17 years development now we have more than 30 seniors experts in the laser industry, 200 skilled workers, 85 sales, 120 after sales, 30000 square meters factory, Exported to more than 120 countries and regions. OEM service for more than 30 manufactures.

  • Founded in
  • built-up area
  • Products are exported to other countries
  • Provide OEM services

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Our company has been certified and won many awards
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Technical Support

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10 functions of fiber laser cutting machine

10 functions of fiber laser cutting machine

13 2021-08
19 22-09

what are the advantages of laser cutting

Optical fiber laser cutting machines have gradually appeared in all corners of our lives. Laser cutting machines are mainly used in sheet metal processing, advertising production, kitchen utensils and other industries.Laser cutting is more suitable for industry. It can be used to cut large metal ...
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How much is a laser cutter?

Fiber laser cutting machine, is an efficient, intelligent, environmental friendly, practical and reliable metal processing equipment composed of advanced laser cutting technology and numerical control system. Compared with the traditional processing method, laser cutting machine has obvious advan...
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A Good CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine Has These Three Points

CNC laser metal cutting machines have become an indispensable mechanical equipment for metal processing plants. Many sheet metal factories have many problems after purchasing equipment. The processing accuracy cannot be achieved, and equipment failures continue. This is the boss’s frustrati...