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A Good CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine Has These Three Points

CNC laser metal cutting machines have become an indispensable mechanical equipment for metal processing plants. Many sheet metal factories have many problems after purchasing equipment. The processing accuracy cannot be achieved, and equipment failures continue. This is the boss’s frustration. matter. So what conditions should a good cnc laser metal cutting machine have?


First: the production of the bed structure of the metal laser cutting machine

 The bed of cnc laser metal cutting machine is generally welded. The thicker the material, the better the bed stability. After the material of the bed is selected, it is cut and welded. Generally, laser cutting machines are used for cutting materials. The cutting materials are regular and the fracture interface is neat, so that the subsequent welding is stronger. At present, 80% of the manufacturers on the market are manual welding, and the welding effect is average. The brand manufacturers use robot welding and segment welding technology, and the welding is firm and reliable. After the bed is welded, it is necessary to perform aging treatment on the bed. Aging treatment can eliminate the stress of the bed welding and make the bed structure more stable. The more complex the manufacturing process of the bed structure, the higher the added non-formed cost, and the higher the life and precision of the equipment.



Second: the selection of accessories for cnc laser metal cutting machines

 The most common problem in sheet metal factories when using metal laser cutting machines is that all kinds of small accessories are not broken today, causing the equipment to be unusable and stop production. Metal laser cutting machine brand manufacturers pay attention to word of mouth and brand. The priority in the selection of accessories is the quality of accessories and after-sales service of accessories. The cost of accessories is high, and the price of metal laser cutting machines is high, but after the equipment is delivered to customers, the equipment The longer you work effectively, the more profit you create for your customers. Many small metal laser cutting machine manufacturers choose the ones with low prices in the selection of accessories, and do not pay attention to quality. Even if the reputation of the company is poor, they will choose to re-register a brand to operate. In the metal laser cutting machine industry, most manufacturers have many former brands, and some manufacturers even have more than 5 metal laser cutting machine brands. When choosing such a manufacturer, you need to be cautious.


Third: equipment quality inspection

 The equipment needs quality inspection during assembly, and also after the assembly is completed. A good equipment must pass the quality inspection before leaving the factory. Quality inspection is a must. Inspection to ensure that each assembly process of the equipment meets high standards.


The cnc laser metal cutting machine produced by LXSHOW LASER adopts super high-quality bed and accessories, and has its own independent and perfect quality inspection system. Each of our laser cutting machines will be tested by professional equipment after production is completed, which can guarantee All the machines that leave the factory are all up to the standard, without any quality questions. LXSHOW LASER also has a strong after-sales team, if your machine has any problems after use, we will provide professional solutions within 12 hours.


If you are willing to buy a cnc laser metal cutting machine, LXSHOW LASER welcomes your consultation!


Post time: Aug-24-2022