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After sale service technician Beck go Republic of Belarus for laser training

One customer from Republic of Belarus bought one CO2 laser engraving machine 1390,CO2 laser marking machine with 3d galvanometer and Portable fiber laser marking machine from our company.(LXSHOW LASER).

In general,operating laser marking machine is very easy who have some experience on machine operation. And we also have user manual and video as guide. This customer bought 3 sets laser and don’t have any experience on laser .Except this,Specially he bought one CO2 laser marking machine with 3d galvanometer. This function is a little complex regarding new users. And he need us to train in his workshop.

Comparing with small trading company ,we have over 50 technician who do after service about laser. Beck is one of technician who has abundant experience on laser marking .So this time beck go Republic of Belarus for training. Beck is one of our technician who not only know English but also operate machine very well. Customer also can speak English.So communicate is no problem.

In some countries,customers can’t speak English. We will let technician who has abundant training experience and have more energy on communication ,sometimes with the help of Google translator.

The following picture is 3 sets machines in customer’s workshop.

1 (1)
1 (2)
1 (3)

Beck stayed in Republic of Belarus for 7 days. And teach customers step by step. Customer are very satisfied with beck’s technology and attitude. Finally customer use the machine finish so many art works. Here are some show:

12 (1)
12 (4)
12 (2)
12 (5)
12 (3)
12 (6)

And customer takes tom to some travelling places in local and take pictures with beck.

So if you place order from LXSHOW LASER from China,problem about after service is not existing. We always help you solve all problems you meet and reach your final satisfactory.No mater it is online teaching and door to door training .It is always up to you.

Warranty for Laser marking machine:

The machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge(some parts will be maintained) when if any problem during the warranty period.

Laser marking machine:3 years quality guaranty.


Post time: Apr-02-2022