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Customer Visit from Egypt for LXSHOW Laser CNC Cutting Machines

Last week,Knaled from Egypt came to visit LXSHOW,shortly after he purchased 4 laser CNC cutting machines from us. Warmly greeted by LXSHOW,he had a tour of the factory and office,accompanied by our staff.

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Egyptian customer invests in LXSHOW Laser CNC Cutting Machines for efficiency and reliability

Khaled invested in LXSHOW laser CNC cutting machines, including 1500W-3015D, 6000W-6020DH,3000W-3015DH.Also included in the investment was a CO2 laser cutter.

As a supplier locally and globally,this customer is currently active in sales of laser CNC cutting machines,CNC bending machines and others.This visit gave him the opportunity to have an on-site factory tour and he also spoke highly of the quality of our machines.We are expecting more orders from him.

1.15KW LX3015D

LX3015D laser steel cutting machine is one of our most hot-selling models and will allow you work with metal sheet fabrication.If you are looking for laser for cutting metal materials,like steel,aluminum,brass,it is able to work up to the industrial standards.Check out LXSHOW’s laser CNC cutting machine LX3015D now!

2.6KW LX6020DH/3KW 3015DH

The machine bed of laser CNC cutting machines under DH series is an upgraded version of that of D series. It has a higher machine bed in comparison with D series.The rigid metal plates are also integrated into the bed to make it more stable. Click here to discover more differences between these two models.

CO2 laser cutter

Fiber lasers and CO2 lasers differ from each other in many aspects.Main differences can be discussed in terms of laser type,materials to be cut,cost and cutting quality.

Click here for LXSHOW CO2 laser cutters.

LXSHOW warmly welcomes customer visit

We encourage customers worldwide to visit us and get an in-person meeting with our team.

Whether customers come for training on machine operation or an on-site factory tour,they will be given an unique opportunity to experience our quality machines and services.

If they come for training on machine operation,the in-person meeting will definitely enable them to immerse themselves in the factory where customers will learn more about our machines.

And,if they just want a factory tour to increase their confidence in our quality,they will be given a personalized tour at the factory.

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Why LXSHOW value customer visits?

1.In-person meeting to showcase our advantages

For those customers who cannot come in person, we also support virtual meetings with them.But many issues cannot be effectively and efficiently solved virtually.Inviting customers to visit us means that we have the confidence to face up with uncertainty and possibilities and that we have the capacity to showcase our strength.

For both existing and prospective customers,in-person meetings with suppliers or on-site factory tour will help them verify the quality of machines they will buy.

For LXSHOW, as a manufacturer and supplier,inviting customers to visit us will help to boost their confidence in machines and services and thus establish a long-term relationship.

2.Face-to-face communication to strengthen partnership

Although we support virtual negotiation,face-to-face communication with customers will help deal with problems effectively.Our customers all come with a certain purpose,some of whom are for on-site training on machine operation and others for a tour of the factory and face-to-face meetings with sellers.

For us, as a manufacturer,we will communicate with them about their specific requirements and needs to further our partnerships.

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LXSHOW advantage

1.About LXSHOW

LXSHOW, since the establishment in 2004,has grown to be a complete team of over 1000 employees.We have a professional,well-trained team covering engineering,design,sales and technical support.Our innovation portfolio includes laser cutting,cleaning and welding,as well as CNC bending and shearing.We have been constantly increasing our machines and services to the latest quality standards.And,our mission is to make our customers satisfied with our machines and services.That is what we are proud of.

2.LXSHOW technical support:

· Professional technical assistance offered by our well-trained after-sales team;

· Personalized training online or on-site

· Door-to-door maintenance,debugging and services

· A three-year warranty to back up your machines

Contact us to book a personalized factory tour!

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