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Customer Visit from Switzerland:Embark on a Tube Cutting Laser Journey

On September 14,our staff picked Samy up from the airport.Samy came a long way from Switzerland, paying a short visit to LXSHOW after he invested in a tube cutting laser machine from us. Upon the arrival,he was warmly welcomed by LXSHOW.As LXSHOW always puts customers first, we welcome customers from far away to visit us for different reasons. The purpose of this trip is to verify the quality of the machine and manufacturer he invested in for the future partnership,as it often is for many customers.

 swiss customer

How LXSHOW Value its Customers?

For LXSHOW,a leading laser manufacturer from China,customers are what we value the most,always putting them first.No matter which means you choose to meet them:face to face or virtually,customer visits need to be attached great importance.Consequently,based on their unique needs,we adjust our corporate strategy and improve our machines as a result.This is what customers expect from a company they are investing in and LXSHOW has always put this in mind.

Inviting customers to visit us is one key step for success as it represents how our machines and services are the best fit to their needs.In other words,how much we value our customers is shown in the importance we attach to the customer visits and preparations we make before a visit.

After we successfully invite them,we often make a lot of preparations to make them satisfied upon their arrival.Our company will help to book a hotel ahead of their arrival.Then,we will arrange some staff to pick them up from the airport.Along with them is the seller who is keeping in touch with this customer. For those who doesn’t speak English ,we also have our own translator for better communication.Some of them come to Jinan for the first time and they are probably interested in taking a short trip here.Our staff will be the tour guide for them and introduce to them some local food and places if it is necessary.

As they always come a long way to us for many reasons,for those who come for machine learning and training,we will conduct a personalized training based on their needs,and for those with a purpose of taking a tour at the factory and office,they will be accompanied by our staff accordingly to answer their questions.

After the trip to Jinan wraps up and customers return to their country,we will keep in touch with them,e.g.sending an email or calling them to make sure they are satisfied with this trip, as we often do after they make a purchase from us to make sure they are satisfied with our machines and services.

So,contact us to book a trip to Jinan,to LXSHOW Laser !

A Journey to LXSHOW Tube Cutting Laser Machine

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This Swiss customer Samy purchased our tube cutting laser machine LX62TNA to help his business in household industry.This automated machine will definitely meet and exceed his expectations since LXSHOW always offers the best tube laser cutting machines at the most affordable tube laser cutting machine prices.

How does LXSHOW tube cutting laser machine LX62TNA increase your productivity?

LX62TNA is our tube cutting laser machine with the automated loading and unloading system for slashed downtime by reducing manual operation.The automation is the biggest feature that makes it stand out in our tube cutting laser lines.

This machine integrates the 1KW to 6KW laser power,large clamping capacity ranging from 20mm to 220mm for round tubes and from 20 to 150mm for square tubes, and the repeated positioning accuracy of 0.02mm.These features enable LX62TNA to cut materials precisely and efficiently.

Technical features of this tube cutting laser machine:

Laser power:1KW~6KW

· Clamping range:20-220mm in diameter for round tube;20-150mm in side length for square tube

· Capacity to handle the tube lengths:6000mm/8000mm

· Repeated Positioning Accuracy:±0.02mm

· Max Load :500KG


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Post time: Sep-26-2023