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High performance CNC fiber laser cutting machine for board cutting on sale

Do you want to find a CNC fiber laser cutting machine to use in metal or nonmetal board cutting? Maybe we can provide what you want.

Our company produce kinds of models of fiber laser cutting machine, including special board cutter. The LX3015p is a high energy CNC fiber laser cutter produced by us, and is mainly used in all materials board cutting. Its working area is 1.5*3m, it equipped with famous Bochu controller, the power of generator is from 3kw to 12kw, and the max running speed is 120m every minute. If you want higher efficiency, it will not let you down.

fiber laser cutting machine-fengmian

It works under the controller, high-energy laser working on materials that you want to cut to up its melting point or boiling point, at the same time, high pressure gas carries off metals that exist in melted state or gaseous state. With the moving of laser cutting head, cutting work finished.

Features and advantages of the LX3015P CNC fiber laser cutting machine

1.we can specially produce a special dimension cutter for you. exchange table can be increased if you want higher working efficiency.

3.there is a box outside of it, to prevent for causing bad pollution and make a safer working environment. Besides, if has more exacting Environmental protection standard in your country, might you can buy an air cleaner separately.

4.there are two light in the box, and after close the box, you can know the process by a camera.

5.the control system is one of the most important parts, the controller we choose is Bochu, which is controlled by hand touch and is easy to grasp, and instructions and video also be provided.

6.the LX3015p equipped with separate control box.

7.Ospril cutting head has higher accuracy.

8.The rail and gear can make it running faster and more flexible.

9.Rotary will support it operations better.

The high performance LX3015P applications

It is mainly used in metal board cutting, wood board cutting, plastic board cutting, etc. In particular, it can be better in the area of heavy metal board cutting. It can be extensively applied in metal processing industry, Building materials industry, automobile industry, advertising industry, ship industry and so on.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine Internal work area

Why choose our production

One reason is that we have strict control and management, all of our CNC fiber laser cutter are designed by our brilliant engineers, produced and be tested by our careful work.

The another reason is that we will provide you perfect service:

1.We will give you our sincere advice for which machine is more preferable to you
2.We will provide free online training, in factory or in your place
3.We will provide you 2 years warranty free maintenance
4.We will provide customized and OEM available,
5.We have the best price that lower 95 percentage supplier

We are LXSHOW LASER, please just contact with us if you really want a CNC fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal or nonmetal board, especially heavy metal board, the LX3015P is well. If you are still don’t what model you need, please contact with us. You can write your e-mail and some fundamental information in this website.

Post time: Jan-25-2022