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Indonesia as a Key Customer of LXSHOW Best Laser for Cutting

In the vast customer base,the Southeast Asia has been among the largest markets of LXSHOW’s best laser for cutting,welding and cleaning technology,from which Indonesia and Vietnam have been the biggest customers.On December 11 2023,the technical representative Julius from LXSHOW Laser, offered door-to-door after-sales service to an Indonesian customer.The technical services,as always,include on-site training session, machine installation,troubleshooting and maintenance.Julius after-sales in indonesia

Indonesia Remains One of the Largest Markets of LXSHOW Best Laser for Cutting,Welding and Cleaning:

The Southeast Asia has proven to be a big market with substantial potential and opportunities for the laser metal cutting machines,laser cleaning and welding machines from LXSHOW.Last year,in July,we wrapped up an unforgettable trip at MTA Vietnam exhibition.During this fruitful trip in Vietnam,our salespeople conducted in-depth technical communication with both local and global customers.Then, in October, our sales representatives wrapped up another short trip to Vietnam to visit local customers and agents.

Julius after-sales in Indonesia2

In December 2023,our technical representative Julius conducted a 10-day technical tour in Indonesia,involving a whole process of training,installation,troubleshooting for a 3KW LX3015DH laser metal cutting machine and a 15KW laser welding machine.He also conducted deep technical communication with this Indonesian customer.

Customers from Indonesia all spoke highly of our good-quality after-sales services.When asked their customer experience,they were full of praise for the efficiency and promptness of our after-sales service team to solve their technical problems.We got good feedback from them during and even after the after-sales tour.This is a testament to LXSHOW’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

“LXSHOW Laser is a good partner.Thank you for the support.Whenever I had problems with my machine,the technical team solved them promptly.”said an Indonesian customer.

“Indonesia has been a big market and will always be a good business friend of LXSHOW.Thank all the Indonesian friends for their support for LXSHOW Laser.We will continue to work harder to offer the best quality to our global friends. ”said Belle,LXSHOW’s sales representative.

The acclaim and praise we garnered from Indonesian customers demonstrate our unwavering commitment to refined after-sales services.The good feedback we got from them is a testament to our dedication to the customer-oriented services.We look forward to improving the customer satisfaction in Indonesia and beyond.

About LXSHOW After-sales Service:

LXSHOW’s success lies in the dedication to not only pursuing the machine quality,but also providing the reliable technical support. This commitment has contributed to not only building trust among our Indonesian customers but also maintaining lasting and stronger partnerships in this region.
1.Responsive and Prompt Support:
After-sales services from LXSHOW Laser have been offered to many customers from every corner of the world.Whether it is for addressing technical issues,giving training session or providing machine maintenance,our responsible after-sales service team is available to ensure that each customer receives the most timely and responsive support.The timely after-sales service is an important aspect of improved customer experience.
2.Customized Training Session:
To ensure our customers can get the personalized experience,we have tailored our training program to cater to specific requirements.Whether it involves online training or on-site technical guidance,our training session is designed according to their personalized needs.This training session is conducted for customers to have comprehensive understanding of the machine functions, performance and effectiveness.


Founded in 2004, LXSHOW, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced, innovative laser technology, is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong.We are committed to providing the most efficient CNC machining solutions for customers around the globe, ranging from laser metal cutting machines, laser cleaning and welding machines to CNC shearing and bending machines.We constantly improve our laser technology to offer the best laser for cutting,welding and cleaning.With the customer-oriented commitment,we have been putting our customers in the first place and offering the best-quality services for them.We boast a factory of 32000 square meters and a professional team with a total of over 1000 employees.

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