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Metal laser cutting machine for sale at an affordable price

Normally, the metal laser cutting machine is divided into tube and board cutter. And due to different fiber laser cutter models, the laser metal cutting machine price is different. However, no matter what metal do you want to cut, all we can provide you suitable machine, for example, professional tube cutter, professional board cutter, and mix cutter. And we will provide you reasonable price.

If you want to find a machine for both tube and board cutting, the LX3015F is a brilliant choice. It satisfies most of metal and nonmetal cutting work, tube and board cutting. For example, iron, carbon steel, stainless and aluminum, wood, plastic and others materials. If you are going to develop in kitchen ware industry, fitness equipment industry or building industry, the 3015F is suitable too. Now, it’s famous in our honorable customers.

laser cutter price of lx3015f

Features and Advantages of the metal laser cutting machine

1.It’s designed by talent engineers

2.Aviation aluminum working bed ensure it operate smoothly and flexibly

3.The controller of Bochu Fscut2000 can be learned easily and we will provide you instruction to help you grasp it as fast as possible

4.The efficiency of Ospri or AM200S laser cutting head is well, of course, you can replace others models

5.The Hiwin rails and YYC gears ensure it driving with higher efficiency

6.There are S&A, Tongfei, and Hanli water chiller can be selected, which can keep the temperature of laser cutting head and laser generation to ensure the working life of the LX3015F laser cutter

7.It support over 100 languages

8.The length of cutting line is 10m, if you need longer line please tell us, we will prolong it for you

laser metal cutting machine price is affordable—lx3015f

The laser metal cutting machine price
The price of LX3015F mainly depends on different power, different laser cutting model and different components. You can get one at a price of several thousand dollars. Generally speaking, higher power, higher configurations means higher price. And you if you want to a customized machine, you should fill price difference.

The fiber laser cutting machine applications
Metal: for example, alloy, iron, and carbon iron. now, they are extensively applied in most industries, the laser cutter can finish cutting work after set parameter. But, the effect will be influenced if you applied the laser cutter for aluminum, copper and others rare metal materials, because they are all belong to high reflective material. Under the circumstance, the Night laser generator can solve this problem effectively.

metal laser cutting machine- fengmian

What service can we provide
The Warranty of whole machine including laser generator is 3 years Except Consumable
Lifetime maintenance free of charge except need new parts.
Free training course at our plant.
24 hours online service and email if you have any problems during your use. We can provide team viewer / whatsapp/ wechat or skype with cam till all of your problems solved.
Provide technical services door to door with 5 days free (We have professional international engineers to offer machine installation commissioning and maintenance) if customers pay the charges of ticket.

How should you contact with us
If you have decided to want one or you are going to know more about metal laser cutting machine, maybe you can tell us your address of e-mail or your telephone number. We will contact with you as fast as possible and provide a nice price for you.

Post time: Jan-25-2022