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Reflecting on 2023 Customer Visits for LXSHOW CNC Fiber Laser Supplier

As we bid farewell to 2023 and usher in a new chapter in 2024,it’s time for LXSHOW to reflect on the achievements and progress over the past one year.The year 2023,like its predecessors, has been full of a myriad of challenges and successes which have witnessed the growth of LXSHOW as one leading CNC fiber laser supplier since the establishment in 2004.In the wake of pandemic, LXSHOW has warmly welcomed and greeted a host of customer visits around the world,particularly for the year 2023.The visits have witnessed LXSHOW’s growth in 2023 and will continue to witness our growth in the coming year.

reflecting on 2023

Reflecting on the Year 2023 as a Leading CNC Fiber Laser Supplier:

As we reflect on the customer visits over the past 12 months,LXSHOW,as one of the leading CNC fiber laser suppliers for welding,cleaning and cutting in China,has received a number of customer visits from all over the world,such as Iran,Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Russia, Czech, Chile, Brazil,the United States, Thailand, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Austria, India, Malaysia, Poland, Oman,etc.

reflecting on 20232

The laser machines these global friends purchased from us can range from fiber laser cutting machines to laser welding and cleaning machines.Some of them are our former customers and then recommended us to other friends in this industry.Since LXSHOW Laser is established in 2004,customers from around the globe have been witnessing our growth by establishing relationships with us.LXSHOW owes the success in the past year to the collaboration with these global friends.These global friends traveled a long way to visit our office and factory,which demonstrates their deep trust in LXSHOW and willingness to establish relationships with us.We would like to extend our gratitude to them for their trust in us.

These customer visits may come from different countries and regions but they were conducted with one similar purpose:to witness quality and reliability that LXSHOW can offer.
Customer visits can help to demonstrate our innovative,advanced laser technology.They allow our customers to feel the strength of our company firsthand and the face-to-face interactions can help to build lasting relationships with them.Each customer visit represents the trust that the customer has in LXSHOW’s quality.For LXSHOW, each visit marks a milestone in the experiences we have had in the past 12 months.

Embarking on the Year 2024 as a Leading CNC Fiber Laser Supplier:

As we embark on a new journey in 2024,the experiences we had in the past year will guide us to face the upcoming challenges in the new year and the progress we have made will undoubtedly encourage us to move forward.For the new year 2024 ahead,we are expecting more customer visits and lasting relationships with our customers.

Reflecting on the past year,we have been pride of offering the most quality services and CNC fiber laser for cutting,cleaning and welding to our customers.Embarking on the new year,we look forward to greeting more friends in every corner of the world.

reflecting on 20233

As we reflect on the past one year,we are willing to reflect on years of LXSHOW’s history and growth since it is founded in 2004.LXSHOW started its business as a manufacturer and supplier of laser technology.Throughout these years,it has grown to be one of the leading laser suppliers in China,equipped with a sophisticated system.Until 2023,LXSHOW owns 500 square meters and 32000 square meters covering research and office,and factory respectively.A small company when it was established has emerged as a big one with a professional team covering design,research and development,pre-sales,sales,and after-sales.Apart from our specialized fields,including laser cutting machines and laser cleaning and welding machines,we also offer other CNC machining tools,such as CNC bending,shearing and rolling machines.

May the new year bring more opportunities for LXSHOW to grow bigger in 2024!

Post time: Jan-03-2024