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Warning! Laser cutters should never be used like this!


Carbon steel and stainless steel are widely used in various industries as common metal materials, so a high-quality laser cutting machine is the first choice for processing and cutting. However, because people do not know much about the details of the use of laser cutting machines, many unexpected situations have occurred! What I want to say below is the must-see precautions for cutting carbon steel & stainless steel plates by laser cutting machines. I hope you must read them carefully, and I believe you will gain a lot!



Precautions for laser cutting machine to cut stainless steel plate

1. The surface of the stainless steel material cut by the laser cutting machine is rusted

When the surface of the stainless steel material is rusted, it is difficult for the material to be cut through, and the final effect of processing will be poor. When there is rust on the surface of the material, the laser cutting will shoot back to the nozzle, which is easy to damage the nozzle. When the nozzle is damaged, the laser beam will be offset, and then the optical system and protection system will be damaged, and even It will increase the possibility of explosion accident. Therefore, the rust removal work on the surface of the material must be done well before cutting. This laser cleaning machine is recommended here, which can help you quickly remove rust from stainless steel surfaces before cutting–

2. The surface of the stainless steel material cut by the laser cutting machine is painted

It is generally uncommon for stainless steel surfaces to be painted, but we also need to pay attention, because paints are generally toxic substances, which are easy to generate smoke during processing, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, when cutting painted stainless steel materials, it is necessary to wipe off the surface paint .

3. Surface coating of stainless steel material cut by laser cutting machine

When the laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel, the film cutting technology is generally used. In order to ensure that the film is not damaged, we generally cut the side of the film and the uncoated downward.


Precautions for laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel plate

1. Burrs appear on the workpiece during laser cutting

(1) If the laser focus position is offset, you can try to test the focus position and adjust it according to the offset of the laser focus.

(2) The output power of the laser is not enough. It is necessary to check whether the laser generator is working properly. If it is normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct. If it is not correct, adjust it.

(3) The cutting line speed is too slow, and it is necessary to increase the line speed during operation control.

(4) The purity of the cutting gas is not enough, and it is necessary to provide high-quality cutting working gas

(5) The instability of the machine tool for a long time requires shutdown and restart at this time.

2. The laser fails to completely cut the material

(1) The selection of the laser nozzle does not match the thickness of the processing plate, replace the nozzle or the processing plate.

(2) The laser cutting line speed is too fast, and operation control is required to reduce the line speed.

3. Abnormal sparks when cutting mild steel

When cutting mild steel normally, the spark line is long, flat, and has fewer split ends. The appearance of abnormal sparks will affect the smoothness and processing quality of the cutting section of the workpiece. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the following situations should be considered:

(1) The nozzle of the laser head is seriously worn, and the nozzle should be replaced in time;

(2) In the case of no new nozzle replacement, the cutting working gas pressure should be increased;

(3) If the thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head is loose, stop cutting immediately, check the connection state of the laser head, and re-thread the thread.


The above are the precautions for cutting carbon steel plate and stainless steel plate by laser cutting machine. I hope everyone must pay more attention when cutting! The precautions for different cutting materials are different, and the unexpected situations that occur are also different. We need to deal with specific situations!

Post time: Jul-18-2022