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What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting

Just as the saying goes: every coins has two sides, so does the laser cutting. Compared with traditional cutting technologies, although laser cutting machine has been extensively used in metal and nonmetal processing, tube and board cutting, most kinds of industries, like ship, advertising, air, construction, gift making and so on, it can’t avoid existing both disadvantages and advantages of laser cutting in the using process.

The traditional cutting technologies can be divided into flame cutting, plasma cutting, High pressure water gun cutting, shearing machine, punching machine.

advantages of laser cutting(a laser cutting machine)

What are advantages of laser cutting

1. Compared with traditional cutting technologies, the laser cutting possess higher accuracy. Due to laser cutting is controlled by numerical control software, it can be accurate to millimeter. It’s difficult for some traditional cutting ways, especially it puts forward new requirements for precision of cutting technologies that most of industries always cut regular or irregular shape now. For example, the shearing machine can cut long materials, but it just can be used in linear cutting.

2.The laser cutter works with high energy laser, which makes it cut faster than flame or water cutting. And the water chiller can keep the temperature of laser generator and laser cutting head to ensure the laser cutter work continuously. Besides, it equipped with famous controller and software, workers mainly play a role of adjust and observe.

3.Most of laser cutter operates with controller, it reduces error rate and is good for increasing Material utilization rate. In some extent, the laser cutting avoids unnecessary materials waste.

4.Due to the trait of laser, laser cutting will bring higher quality, leveler cut surface and will not cause destroy and deformation. And it rarely generates noise and pollutant, that’s also important reason that be more famous in the whole world.

5.Most cutting machines applied with laser just spend less money in repair.

disadvantages of laser cutting- laser tube cutter

What are disadvantages of laser cutting

In a word, disadvantages of laser cutting mainly show the limit of materials, thickness of work materials, expensive purchase cost.

1.different from water gun cutting and flame cutting, metals like aluminum, copper, and rare metal will influence the life of laser cutting machine and maybe spend more money. That’s because the wavelength of them reflect most of laser.

2.Usually, the thickness of laser cutting work is limited when you use laser cutting. For example, many low power laser cutting machine just can cut materials thinner than 12 mm. By contrast, water cutting can cut materials that thickness heavier than 100 mm, however, it generates most pollutant.

3.Normally, the laser cutting machine is expensive. Laser cutter that is 1kw always spend thousands of dollars. If you want to cut aluminum, copper, rare metals or heavy materials, you have to buy machines with higher powerful or replace parts of it, for example, the laser generator or laser cutting head.

laser cutting advantages and disadvantages-cnc laser board cutter

We should analysis laser cutting advantages and disadvantages conscientiously. With the development of technology and market, laser cutting will be improved continuously. And I believe it will be popular in the future market and around our customers. However, no matter which model you want to buy is mainly depends on your actual situation.

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Post time: Jan-25-2022