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LXSHOW After-sales Service at Qatar with its Metal Laser Cutter Machine

Metal Laser Cutter Machine (1)

In order to improve the customer satisfaction with our metal laser cutter machines,our after-sales representative Torres made a successful trip to Qatar on May 22.

On May 22,our professional technical after-sales representative Torres made a business trip to Qatar. The aim of this trip is to assist the customer with the machine operation and optimize the performance of the machines.The ultimate goal,in fact,is to demonstrate the professional attitude of LXSHOW after-sales team and the powerful capabilities of our advanced metal laser cutter machines.

In the process of communication and collaboration with our customer,Torres demonstrated patience and professional expertise, and also conducted a comprehensive machine training to show how to operate and maintain the machine properly and effectively.

As Torres concluded the trip,which lasts 8 days until May 29,the customer expressed high confidence and satisfaction in our products and service.They spoke highly of the team’s professionalism, technical expertise and patience to resolve their issues promptly.

This trip also highlights LXSHOW’s long-standing commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and thus enhances its position as a leading manufacturer in the laser industry.In the future,our company will continue to focus on the after-sales service and improve its professionalism.

LXSHOW Metal Laser Cutter Machine LX3015FT:One Investment,Two Functions

This customer from Qatar purchased our advanced tube and sheet fiber laser cutting machine LX3015FT in October last year. This machine is versatile in cutting both metal sheets and pipes.With one investment, you will enjoy two uses.
This metal laser cutter machine enjoys the following features:

●Versatility in processing both plates and pipes
●Cost-effective for its dual purpose
●User-friendly Bochu control system
●Powerful cutting head with auto-focus function
●Self-centering pneumatic chuck for accuracy and stability

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Top-notch After-sales Service from LXSHOW

Apart from helping customers with the machine operation,this 8-day visit to Torres highlights  our resolve to offer excellent after-sales service. As one of the leading Chinese laser cutter manufacturers with years of experience, LXSHOW has a good reputation for the superior quality of products and customer satisfaction.And we knew well the importance of providing an excellent service to our customers.Our excellent after-sales service guarantees 24/7 operation.including providing a 3-year warranty, maintenance ,replacement and training.

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Why is the after-sales service so important?

●The key reason that most companies and enterprises provide an excellent after-sales service is that it improves customer satisfaction and builds a good brand image.For a customer, buying from a company not only involves products,but also includes services. Similarly, when a customer speaks highly of the brands,it involves not only the high-quality products,but also a professional service.

●Building a professional service team may involve a large amount of money and personnel,which will include time and money taken to offer training.However, a large number of successful examples of renowned enterprises have shown that it will pay off in the long run and eventually bring revenue for you.

●A great after-sales service plays a crucial role in building a close bond between company and customers.It keeps customers loyal to the brand and improves the customer retention.If they are happy and satisfied, they will come to you again for sure.

As we can see, after-sales service is crucial when it involves customer retention,customer satisfaction and company profit.Since it’s so important, how do we improve it?

1.Real-time online service:
In order to give customers the necessary support,it is important to provide 24-hour real-time online services.After sales team sells products to them,any products in a damaged condition must be exchanged within a certain period.At LXSHOW,for example, we offer a 3-year warranty for all our machines.If you encounter any problems in the process of using,please feel free to seek help from our technical team.

2.On-site offline service
Besides providing a great online service, it is also necessary to provide offline services,including door-to-door technical training and on-site troubleshooting guides.

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Post time: Jun-13-2023